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2019 Bullhead Derby
The 2019 Annual Bates Beach Bullhead Derby was a great success again this year. Held on the Sunday of the August long weel end, the weather gods were smiling on us all, as the seas were calm and the sun was radiant. There were 16 participants ranging in age from 8 months to 12 years. All the registered participants caught bullheads with Anton catching the first one measuring 16.0 c.m. in a record 6 minutes of Bella ringing the bell to start the friendly competition. The largest length of bull head was caught by 4 year old Nolan at 21.9 c.m. so he claimed the trophy this year. Congratulations. Other notable sizes were Anna, 10 years with a 19.5 c.m. and third biggest was Jobernal at 19.1 c.m. The kids enjoyed hotdogs, drinks and each claimed a prize and the campers in attendance enjoyed cake. See you in 2020!!
Canada Day Fun
For Canada Day 2019, the cake cutting was on June 30th, Sunday, as the mass exodus occurred on the holiday Monday. The camp was bustling over the long weekend with families from here in the Comox Valley, other parts of the island and the brave travellers who journeyed from the mainland and jockeyed for spots on the ferry to and from the island. The weather was cooler, in the low 20's, but pleasant and sunny for the Saturday and Sunday. We have a busy season ahead with our retuning customers and newer ones every year. Welcome to all and enjoy your summer holidays!
Reighing Mayor of Bates Beach
On September 1st while fishing by herself Jean Rowe caught the big one a 24 1/4 pounds the top fish so far in 2018 caught form Bates Beaeach and earned the title of "Mayor" of Bates of Beach.  To hear Jean tell it there was quite the battle between Fisher, Seal and the Fish !!!
Well done.
Aug-18 Bulhead Derby, Pancake Cooks, Fish
The 2018 Bullhead Derby was held on Aug 5th with the winner being Darwin Bromley.  The pancake breakfast was enjoyed by all, with the cooks serving up bacon and pancakes for those campers whishing to join us.   The fishing has been the best in a number of years see the picutres below.
2017 Corn Roast
The Labour Day weekend continued with the hot summery weather, as the campers enjoyed the juicy and tender local corn that Sieffert's Farm is known for. John W. and John B. shucked 75 cobs of corn which were enjoyed by about 40 campers. Thanks to George B. for boiling up the delicious niblets and Brendan, Matthew and Wendy for the prepping and clean-up. What a wonderful end to the summer for many campers, but we still have some hardy souls planning to camp on the Thanksgiving weekend.
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