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There are some excellent kayaking opportunities at Bates Beach. Paddling South at low tide takes the kayaker along the reef at Seal bay and provides ample opportunity for wildlife viewing. Eagles and shore birds hunt for food while seals, sea lions and others sun themselves on the many large rocks. Moon light paddles offer spectacular sun sets, peaceful setting and views of cruise ships.

2019 Summer Rates:   prices subject to change 

Launching Ramp:    
    $5.00 per day
    $125.00 per season
    Single Kayaks $20.00
first hour & $10.00 per each additional hour.
    Double Kayak - $30.00 first hour & $15.00 per additional hour.                          
Paddle Boards: 20.00/hr
Hourly rates on boats include gas, fish tub, oars, gaff, fish club, net & life jackets. You are responsible for returning all equipment in good working order. You will be charged for any lost tackle or equipment.

The Boathouse
In addition to renting boats and kayaks the Boathouse offers chips, pop, ice cream, coffee, tea, tackle, and firewood, as well as souvenir t-shirts and hats for the whole family. While at the Boathouse play a game of horse shoes or try your luck playing ping pong. If you are hooked on the internet or need to check your e-mail we have a public computer available that we charge a minimal rate to use. It has the latest software and hardware with a high-speed internet connection.

Playground and Children's Activities
For the young visitors to Bates Beach Resort we have a playground that is sheltered and shady. We also like to get together for Bull-head fishing derbies, jello eating contests, and to do arts and crafts.

Most sites have campfire pits. Firewood and kindling are available for sale from the Boathouse.
Here's one of our favourite campfire recipes:

Recipe: Some-Mores (or Smores)
    - 1 Campfire with some cherry hot coals
    - 1 Roasting stick each
    - Marshmallows
    - Chocolate bars - Jersey Milk or Aero Bars melt the best
    - Graham wafers
Place chunk of chocolate on one graham cracker. Have second graham cracker ready. Toast marshmallows until golden brown. Place and squish between graham crackers with chocolate. Eat. They are so good you will want "Some-more!" 
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